Sunday, March 03, 2013

Wh4t5 Ur G4m3r T4g?: The Art of Gaming

Tonight was the opening for Wh4t5 Ur G4m3r T4g?: The art of Gaming show at Plan 9 Tattoo. It was an absolute blast, as can be seen from this awesome cake someone made to be consumed by all!

I actually hadn't documented this show at all here, so I shall in this post. I was notified about the show on February 5th, and had a week and 2 days to come up with ideas, and complete at least one piece for the show, which the drop-off date was February 14th, the show opening to be on the 16th. I set to work, spending one night honing in on which games that would be fun to illustrate, and then coming up with ideas for a piece after I had decided upon a game.

I ended up choosing The Neverhood and ICO, and spent the weekend and subsequent days during and following the nasty blizzard that hit us here painting away to get them done. Both were done, and varnished in the wee hours of the morning on Valentine's Day, leaving me praying they'd be dry by noon to be framed and delivered. I checked my email before heading to bed to see what time to drop them off and found out that the show had been postponed for 2 weeks due to the snowstorm.

Despite dealing with the stress of having to get the pieces done so fast and so soon, it all worked out in the end. The weekend of the original opening I wasn't going to be able to make it due to going up to Boskone. But, because of the rescheduling, I was able to go to Boskone and the opening for the show, and on top of that, able to get Aedan into the show as well! Excellent!

Here are some glimpses of the opening I was able to get in between nerdy discussions about games and movies:

My ICO piece
My Neverhood piece