Monday, January 06, 2014

Fire Can't Take the Art Away

Sadly, early this morning a fire claimed a building in the town where I grew up that was home to the first art school I attended as a kid: Bob Boroski School of Art. It was here where I would go on Saturday mornings and spend the day making art, spending time not only with other kids who loved to do art, but also the college-aged faculty that I looked up to and wished to be someday. Kind of crazy to think that I'm now in that position, years into the future!

Bob Boroski
 I owe it to Bob for pushing me and teaching me what was not being offered in public school. I hope he will be able to rebuild his business, so he can continue to push other kids like me in the right direction. Viva la Bob!

Hive Tarot!

I did the Nine of Pentacles for this year's collaboration.The show will be up until the end of January for your viewing pleasure. Check it out!

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Looking Back on 2013: Not That Unlucky!

This year has treated me amazingly well. At this particular moment, it's hard to really remember everything that happened, but I suppose that's a good thing! My goals at the beginning of 2013 were to complete 2 paintings a month, and to get my first freelance job. I'm excited to say both were met! Here's a reflection on this past year's happenings:

Kick-Ass Art Show

IMC 2013
  • I participated in a 4-person show, in which I sold my first painting ever to the amazing tattoo artist and great guy Joe Capobianco.
  • Did a painting for a Sandy Hook benefit.
  • Quit my day job teaching to devote all my time to painting.
  • I tackled my biggest painting yet at this year's Illustration Master Class; a 2-by-3-foot painting of Jon Snow and Arya Stark from Game of Thrones.
  • I conquered a 15-hour drive down to Atlanta for my very first Dragon*Con in which I hung my work, met tons of amazing people, and sold two pieces. Then had to drive back...
  • Was a part of the wildly successful Amanda Palmer Tarot!
  • Not a week after, showed my work for the first time at IlluXcon, and sold a piece to the wonderful Winona Nelson!
  • Participated in two monthly art blogs: Month of Love and Month of Fear. Both kicked my ass but gave me confidence in my artwork and time management skills.
  • Got my first freelance job! The title goes to ZoĆ« Robinson for picking me up first!
  • Starting participating in shows across the country in California!
  • On the horizon I have my first solo show on January 11th!
  • This list cannot be finished without mentioning all the wonderful people that I've met, and all the old friends I was able to see again.
 I participated in 5 gallery shows, went to 3 cons, and if I recall correctly, I painted a total of... like, 34 pieces? Some simple, some more time-consuming, some frustrating, some elating, some I wanted to share, some I wanted to burn and have no one ever see them.

IlluXcon 2013
Suffice to say I'm pretty happy with how this year went. I've come to know what makes me most happy with my work, and discovered what I need to work on. My goals for next year are to keep improving, go to more conventions, be less intimidated and to promote myself like crazy so I can participate in bigger, better things! All so I can comfortably begin to support myself solely by my art. Cheers to a new year in the works!