Thursday, July 12, 2012

Estate Haul

Went to an estate sale after hearing from John's mother that it was at a house of a former artist. This always gets me excited because I have no idea what they have or what I can find. I was pleasantly surprised!

In total I got eight frames, an old aluminum watercolor pan, and two tubes of Rembrandt oil paints. Two of the frames I picked up were a little worse for wear, and all were terribly dusty and were clearly homes to spiders at some point in time... But, after a few hours dusting them off, wiping them off with watered down bleach to to kill any mold, they look awesome!
John also picked up this band saw, which we're both psyched about because now I can easily cut masonite without risking exacto injuries to my hands, and he can saw through branches in a fraction of the time it takes for him to take a hand saw to one! Fantastic haul, we're such happy campers! :)

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