Monday, February 18, 2013

Month of Love: Day 16

I was in Boston all this weekend for Boskone, and didn't have much downtime to sit down and dedicate my brain to my duty of doing a daily piece on Friday, so I missed it... However, for today's entry (day 17) Marc, Kristina, Scott and I took a ridiculous picture together forming a giant heart with our arms while we were together at Rick Berry's studio party. Once that's uploaded I will be posting it here.

This piece was for Saturday's theme Tainted Love. I was sitting chatting with Aedan Roberts and Jason Cheeseman-Meyer and whipped out the Moleskine and my travel watercolors which I had forgotten I had in the deep recesses of my bag. I was thankful for that, despite how reluctant Moleskines take to watercolor...

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