Friday, December 25, 2009

Feliz Navidad!

Aye, hell of a long day, but was thrilled to be with my mom's family. Big bro loved the Flapjack shirt I made him and I got more books than you could shake a stick at (do people not believe in libraries?).
Now tomorrow would be perfect to stay in and read said books, what with the inclement weather coming and all, however, I'll have to drive in the snow to spend time with my dad's family... Maybe I'll pop in to see cousins Zach and Mary (baby in the oven!) and their SOs and leave, or settle for my backup plan: mas vino.

Got pics of the shirt:
AJ kind of reminds me of Andy Samberg in this pic...

Stay classy folks and Merry Christmas!


Cole Swavely said...

Why are you the only person in the world to not have a Facebook?

What books did you get?

I got a whole bunch on war and killing. And one on war comics.

Also Icons of Graphic Design which is fucking BALLIN

Carly Mazur said...

Some memoirs and short story compilations, three royalty-free design/motif reference books, Inside the Business of Illustration and The Courage to Create.

I'll make a Facebook again sometime in the next while...