Friday, December 11, 2009

Red Sketch

Showed Margot this sketch for my 5th DP piece yesterday along with the shittiest color study I have ever done, and she's pleased with it.
I finished the paisley last night, and Orange early this morning. An hour ago I popped into the 2D studio to shoot the SBS paintings, Blue, and Orange so I could print them out. Alas, I went to the computer lab to do so but the network is screwed and I'm left with $2 less in my printing account and nothing to show for it. The monitor apologized, the same thing happened to some girl earlier, and asked me if I could return in an hour or so when some other dude comes back and he will fix it. I'm not too concerned.
So, I'm just waiting for AJ to arrive so I could remedy this empty stomach and head to my TA class at 1:30, and leave there within a half hour to commence battle with the printer again! Crossing my phalanges...

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