Monday, January 11, 2010

90% Robot

Space 242 is soon having a show featuring robots and today was the deadline for submissions. I've framed the Rust piece I did for Edlund a year ago and will be submitting that, as well as a new painting.
There's something about the Rust piece I still enjoy, and it's a robot so I thought I might as well. I bought a floating frame--love 'em!--and covered the frame in copper and oxidized it. It's pretty ballin'.
This painting has been in planning for a month, and of course I didn't finalize composition and details until Saturday. So I started this yesterday, and got it about 90%, enough so that when I fix it up later this week when it's dry it won't be dramatically different, just better ;)
I hate not having access to a photo set-up when I need it most. Ah well...

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