Friday, January 22, 2010


Got tattooed today! Continued upon the palette and brushes I already had on my wrists and added words, filigree and shading. Took 3 hours and my wrists are actually very swollen right now but I'm not too surprised, they took a beating.
Edwin was the man behind the needle over at Regeneration in Allston and since I was the only client a majority of the afternoon he, Dan and Brian (the two other artists there), Felisia and I talked Tim & Eric, power ballads and sodomy used in performance art... It was a good day! I highly recommend the studio, fantastic place.
I'll get a better, healed, clearer, un-medicated shot of these when they're done flaking. In the meantime here's a little something I spotted at the Kenmore subway entrance this morning:

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kolibrisilver said...

I too feel like that whenever I need to get on public transporation.

The type dork in me appreciates the hand drawn type!