Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Hello, Chelsea

So, had a fun day romping around Chelsea with Lou today! Our first stop was to the Levine Gallery to see Audrey Kawasaki's show--which was wonderful by the way, to see some of her work in person (magazine prints just don't cut it). Following we meandered around to the other galleries in the area and met up with a sleepy fat tabby cat and a trio of happy pugs. To top it all off, it was a beautiful day :)
After we got our art fix we headed down to St. Mark's to window shop Toy Tokyo and eat at the most flamboyant Indian restaurant I have ever seen:
Again, infamous cell phone picture, but the motion blur sort of puts this place in perspective... If you are taller than me (a modest 5'2" and change) you would have to duck to walk underneath the smörgåsbord of Christmas lights, pepper lights, balloons, foil decorations, streamers and beach balls hanging from the ceiling. The walls were lined with the most garish floral upholstery fabric, which was further accented by multi-colored holographic sheets of paper, topped off with a myriad of metallic banners celebrating Christmas, New Years, Halloween, and, if it is, your birthday. The final touch? Bollywood techno. The food was damn good.
Afterwards I introduced Lou to bubble tea (lots of people I've talked to lately who have never even heard of the stuff, amazing) and called it a night, took the 6 uptown, and parted ways.

I have been rendered fat and happy :)

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