Monday, February 09, 2009

Color Wheel

So Alik gave back our color wheels. Of course I went way above and beyond with mine, as everyone else pretty much just created a circle of fanciful shapes. But noooooo, I had to drink too much workahol and get cracked out and whip this baby out in a week. I had fun though. :3
Unfortunately this is a poor picture; I will have to scan it because this is just too washed out and dull... But you get the idea. It's on a 15x15 inch piece of illustration board. The color wheel "pools" are gouache and the rest is primarily watercolor with diluted gouache here and there--I will never use illustration board for watercolor ever again, by the way. I used iridescent medium I got from a crazy painting teacher I had years ago on the runes so they are all shiny when it's seen in person. It actually looks pretty darn awesome. Everyone needs glitter every once in a while! I'm just channeling my inner little girl.
So Alik loved it, and left a sticky note on the back pretty much saying how I went above and beyond the requirements by incorporating the color wheel into a narrative piece. What can I say? That's how I roll. :D

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