Sunday, February 08, 2009

Necklace Mock-Up

Finished my mock-up pill necklace today. Presenting this on Thursday along with sketches and my thesis proposal to get approval. I'm pretty confident I will sell my proposal and will be on my merry way and be able to move right on forward. :D
So this necklace is pretty much a cheap, rather weak piece I bought at the store. I popped out the plastic jewel in the middle and played around with pill combinations to fit in the center nicely. Unfortunately I had to cut the top three in half, but it's only a "sketch"per say, and I will be designing the pieces myself around the pills in the future, rather than taking pre-made shitty jewelry and working around the limitations they will present. The pills in the center consist of one ibuprofen and the rest are antihistamines. I just hope the actual medication I will be focusing upon will be as colorful as these... I know Prozac is a nice teal/white combo at least!

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