Friday, February 06, 2009


So yesterday instead of having our 6 hour full-class meeting for Degree Project, Margot had us meet with her individually to talk about our thesis progression. I met with her at 2:20 and no sooner had I sat down it was already quarter-to-three, accidentally going 5 minutes into another student's meeting time, not to mention my train was at 3:25...
To give a little backstory regarding my thesis, I want to focus on the sociology behind the abnormalities of man. I split it into 4 subcategories: physical, mental, actions and modification, as per Margot's suggestion to help my mind sort things out and clear the mental fog.
I let Margot know that I wanted to hone in on either the physical or mental, with a stronger interest towards mental abnormalities. Through a long conversation with my brother over the weekend during dinner I came to the conclusion that mental illness would be a topic better suited to my aesthetic and interest in visual and psychological dichotomies. I just thought that physical deformities would be too shocking or ugly-for-the-sake-of-being-ugly... That and I don't want to encroach upon Helnwein's territory. :D
So after talking with Margot about research, progression, my (obvious) enthusiasm for the topic I had to run to my studio and grab my stuff and head to Back Bay to catch my train. I got there with 7 minutes to spare before it left! Close call!
I always love riding the train, as 3 hours really gives you time to think and daydream. I can't for the life of me remember my train of thought (lol, pun) but after Providence I just thought: pills, and the flood gates opened. Thinking of how so many people now are on medication for one reason or another, and how commonplace mental disorders are now. I originally had these pictures in my head of drawings of people with pills in speech bubbles, but then I thought of the phrase "badge of honor" in connection to how people may treat their conditions/medication, and how I wish I had worn another necklace for some weird reason... Then I thought: jewelry!
Pill Jewelry!
That's all I shall reveal now, as further pondering and research must be done. But by golly I think I'm on to something! I'm so stoked!! :D

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