Wednesday, February 18, 2009


So here's something I had a lot of fun with. In my typography class we had to create our own typeface based upon our own handwriting. I wrote mine out using the eyedropper in an ink well and ended up naming it "Alchemy". We then had to choose an adjective/verb that described our typeface, arrange the letters and create a corresponding illustration which flows throughout the word. Rust, meet robot!
The painting was done in a single sitting this past Friday. I was in the student center while Nicole took a nap on the couch and just sat at one of the tables and painted while someone was watching Judge Joe Brown and Judge Judy slap down the law.
This is about 9"x12", watercolor with white gouache on 140lb cold press watercolor paper. This image is a photograph for now. When I scan it later I will replace it.


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