Sunday, June 10, 2012

IMC Day 1

So here's the result from day 1: I had critique at 11 this morning with Scott Fischer, Doug Gregory, Boris Vallejo, and Irene Gallo. They stated this was a solid composition, and the only revisions were to change the angle of the large branch behind her and make it thicker, put the littlest bit of tension on the bow string, and to have the bird (that I added in last night and taped to the piece) oriented so it faced Katniss. Scott put it so aptly that I needed to "flip the bird", and you bet I did! I also fiddled with the halo idea for the hell of it before I decided to return to the dorm.

Spent a healthy 2 hours napping after lunch to make up for the lack of sleep from these past 2 nights. This is an early night as well, putting off mounting the piece for tomorrow. It's going to be a busy week, so I might as well get in a decent night's rest while I still can. More to come tomorrow!

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