Friday, June 15, 2012

IMC Day 6

Here she is at day six. Wanted to try to paint as long as I could tonight, but I'm too sick to put any more time into it. It's been unfortunate that this year something has been going around and there have been a lot of us getting sick this week. Personally, I've been feeling incredibly tired, achey, and been unable to focus--both mentally and visually. I feel sympathy for Chris Burdett, who has been in his room with a terrible flu all week long... Tonight someone else nearly fainted from dizziness after our last lecture and had to be led back to his own dorm room. Crazy stuff!

Sickness aside, I dug in today, and am pretty happy with the results I've gotten thus far. I probably won't be painting tomorrow morning, but all in all at this point I'm thrilled with what I have so far, and will have to go home, overcome whatever illness I have, and finish this baby!

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